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On Greater Shores is a journey into what it takes to be a Viking. Conquering vast lands and harsh climate from the 9-13th century, the Vikings were a well-celebrated people who best exemplify resilience, value, and strength.


This year, the White Oak Marching Vikings will field a show that captures the essence of the Viking spirit through several musical and visual effects.

Music Repertoire


  • Ride Of The Valkyries – Richard Wagner

  • Teir Abhile Riu – Celtic Folksong

  • Come Sail Away (Epic Trailer Version) - J2, Serena Foster

  • Test Drive – John Powell

  • Original works inspired by Viking material




A Deeper Look...

In 1970, White Oak High School opened their doors to their new facility on Piney Green Road, which we still use today. Also at this time, the student body was given the power to reshape the school’s symbolism – they updated the mascot to the Viking and changed the school colors to green and gold. To celebrate 50 years of accomplishment and tradition, we are taking this year to personify the Viking culture on the marching field.

Icy cold winds. Foamy crests atop choppy seas. Rising crags over Scandinavian lands. On Greater Shores will portray a day in the life of a Viking, both on land and sea.

The show begins by honoring the culture of the Viking, exploring life at camp and the camaraderie between family members and tribemates. The middle movements of our show capture the spirit of the Vikings by paying homage to the sea and vessel the Vikings depend on for life. We will close the show with the grand voyage, recognizing the Viking culture as a nomadic people always on a journey for new land. With a rich soundscape featuring the strengths of driving percussion, cascading woodwind passages, robust brass impacts, and an explosion of color and dance, we can bridge the understanding of the Viking culture into today. 

On Greater Shores - Full Show
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