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  • White Oak Students Participate in 2013 Solo & Ensemble MPA

    SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013 - Students from the White Oak High School Band participated in the 2013 NC Bandmasters Eastern District Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Adjudication at the East Carolina University School of Music in Greenville, NC. Since the end of March, students were preparing for this event through the band program’s Chamber Music Project, where all of the students worked to prepare a piece of music as a soloist or small group. The following students participated in the event, either a soloist, ensemble, or both, and received the following rating:

    Mari Bay - Superior (Solo), Excellent (Duet)

    Tia Canada - Excellent (Solo & Group)

    Mamie Frank - Superior (Solo), Excellent (Duet)

    Nick Gladden - Excellent (Solo & Group)

    Matt Gladden - Excellent (Solo)

    Katie Goforth - Superior (Solo)

    Alex Koonce - Superior (Solo)

    Samantha Legg - Excellent (Duet)

    Kim Rhoades - Excellent (Duet)

    Ryan Sutton - Excellent (Duet)

    Kayla Cooney - Superior (Solo), Excellent (Duet)

    Karley Rainer - Excellent (Solo)

    Chris DeNise - Excellent (Solo)

    Carly Legg - Superior (Solo)

    Ty Matson - Superior (Solo)

    Coleman Neal - Excellent (Solo)