Cheery Music Project

Cheery Music Project

We are so excited for our new journey and we would love your support! We did a Skype Concert by our Symphonic Band with Cheery Education Centre ( in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya at Mashimoni. During that session we realized that they neither had music classes nor instruments. So the Cheery Education Centre Music Project was created. There are three phases to the project: 1) Provide Recorders and improve their WIFI capabilities, WOHS Band Students will teach them via Skype how to read music using Recorders; 2) Using Nuvo instruments, Ptrumpets and Pbones we will get an instrumental ensemble established; and 3) We will provide the Cheery students with student model instruments for them to play and form their first Concert Band.
We need around $5000 for phase one and would like to start teaching the Cheery Students in Sept. 2017! We would love to be able to count of you for a donation of any kind. Below is the mailing information for all donations. Checks or cash will be accepted. We would like to thank you upfront for your support!

Update: We have completed Phase two.  Mr. Ditch and Mr. Baxter recently traveled to Cheery Education Center in March of 2018.  Bringing nuvo instruments, music books, music stands and other equipment. While over there, we were able to see 1st hand the need for other items.  The school needs more supplies for the students and the students are eager to learn more about music.  

International Cheery Day May 17, 2019!

Join us for a special Skype Concert on our FB Live page


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Mail Checks To:
First Bank Attn: Lyndsey Carter
4110 Western Blvd
Jacksonville NC 28546

or if out of Jacksonville NC area:

IMPORTANT – please write Cheery Music Project on the memo line of the check or include this letter. We want to make sure the funds are allocated to the correct project. Thank you again!